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Real ale and Labwarehouse - the perfect combo

Posted by Bruce Young on 5/14/2014 to News
Real ale and Labwarehouse - the perfect combo

We know a lot of our clients enjoy a drop of real ale - and so do we.

We do a lot of travelling, talking to suppliers and checking out the best products to import for our customers. With a number of our suppliers in the UK we are lucky to be able to test out a few of the local brews between negotiations.

Recently we visited Brannon in the Lake district to check out their range of thermometers. Brannan is a fascinating family business that started making thermometers in London back in 1913. They have survived and thrived though two wars (Churchill moved them out of London during WWII as they were producing goods critical to the war effort) and now have factories in the UK and Sweden making a huge range of measuring equipment.

The Lake district also has some great real ales and while there as part of our market research we lab tested a pint or two from the Cumbrian Hesket Newmarket Brewery (see Now this led to an in depth marketing discussion about how we know a number of New Zealand brewers like to use Labwarehouse for their supplies. So we thought we'd show our appreciation by running a few brewer specials this month.

So here we go, this month we are celebrating real ale with some real ale specials - while stocks last (plus some general labware specials to boot)

  • Magnetic stirrers - 20 only at $85.00 (Normally $120.43)
  • Various screw top test tubes - Under half price
  • Digital thermometers - $31 (Normally $41.58)
  • Glass thermometers 300mm -10 to 110°C (was $12.95 - NOW $2.95!!)
  • Erlenmeyer flasks - various sizes - some below half price - 5000 ml just $22!! was $55.91. (Note: some of the 5000 ml flasks have surface scratches)
  • Plus
    • Burettes
    • Glass and plastic funnels
    • 2 neck round bottom flasks
    • Glass and plastic beakers and measuring cylinders
    • Burettes - various sizes
    • Draining racks - under half price
    • Crucibles and racks
    • Bell jars
    • Storage jars
    • Test tube stoppers and racks
    • Water resistant stop watch
    • Microscope slides
    • Plastic measuring jugs - various sizes
These specials will be available for one week only (some have limited numbers at these prices). We have over 50 items on sale.