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All things Kiwi - Lickity Sticks, Jandles, Kina and DB Export

Posted by on 12/4/2017 to News

Do you remember Lickity sticks – I have a faint memory of an ice-block from somewhere down South? What happened to them? are they still made? or is it all just a falsely recovered image from my childhood?

Now down to business - here in New Zealand, our small market size makes it a hard slog for manufacturers – we know this ourselves because LabwareHouse also make some specialised test instruments. Despite these difficulties we do list a range of Labware and electronics made right here in New Zealand but how do the manufacturers survive? - NO, not by STUBBORNNESS alone – it is SPECIALISATION and QUALITY of course and maybe just a tad of stupidity and doggedness in my case.
Quite rightfully New Zealand companies have realised they cannot compete head-on with mass market items, so they have aimed at quality or specialty items.

However, I should point out that since these items are made here we deal directly with the manufacturers and we don’t pay international freight, port fees and customs fees so they are price competitive too.

Take for example Contherm. This Wellington company has been around since 1962 making a wide range of environmental cabinets, ovens and water baths. Over the past few years they have kept manufacturing right through earthquake, flood and famine (well maybe some short pauses but they were quickly on their feet again). Electrical items sometimes need support and servicing, and with the manufacturer right there in Wellington we are more than happy to be selling the Contherm range.

Another interesting range made here are the Talismansieves. Talisman have been manufacturing pottery and ceramics equipment down the Kapiti Coast since the 1960’s - I actually remember using their equipment as a teenager during a brief foray into long hair and crafts (but that’s another story). These sieves are useful in a range of laboratory applications, not just ceramics and pottery and we were very pleased they have offered that we sell their range.

Over in Napier the world capital of art deco and second or third place on earth to see the sun - IBIC make a range of heavy duty, high quality laboratory jugs, cylinders and buckets. Another case where opting for quality has worked.

And finally, from way down there in the sunny south – EPI in Dunedin are making Jerrycans and associated parts. EPI not only make and supply several models of Jerrycans but also supply a wide range of caps and pourers for them. Check out their range of Jerrycans with the colour coded caps, perfect for those Christmas drinks.

Interestingly these manufactures seem to also buck the trend of centralising in Auckland – in fact we have the country pretty well covered, Wellington, Kapiti, Napier and Dunedin. We only need Greymouth and Christchurch companies and we will have the four corners – any ideas?

Now since it’s almost Christmas - before you electrocute yourself with Christmas lights – or burn yourself on the BBQ - take a look at these specials - all on New Zealand manufactured items. In celebration of all things Kiwi - jandal-toe, kina-foot, and DB export - morning-after headache – why not buy a couple of items from these hardy individuals – battling earthquake, floods, and our tiny market. I’m sure someone you know would love a lab oven by Contherm, a sieve by Talisman, plasticware by IBIC, or a jerrycan by EPI plastics. Actually, I have grabbed three of these Jerrycans myself for my annual wilderness experience – perfect for treating creek water to prevent summer-Giardia.

So here it is - check out these specials for the that special and unique Christmas gift:

Our last dispatch is on the 20st December and we start up again on 8th January.

Have a nice Lab and cell phone free break. And take care out there – I’m off now to catch some snapper. Is it true that New Zealand's most dangerous sport is fishing?

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The LabwareHouse team

Health and Safety Notice - The staff and management of LabwareHouse do not condone nor encourage the drinking of intoxicating liquid from Jerrycans, nor the eating of sugar containing items such as Lickity sticks (should they still exist).
We also encourage our customers not to wear Jandals and not to hurt any Kina or snapper over the holidays.
However, the drinking of DB-export is purely your personal choice.